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Ways to Create GBS Awareness

Heps us create GBS awareness in your community! July is International Group B Strep Awareness month. The Jesse Cause Foundation's plan of action for GBS awareness in July and year-round includes:

1 Brochure Distribution. The Jesse Cause has created a brochure on GBS. We have posted the text of the brochure on our web site. If you would like to obtain brochures for distribution in your community, please use our convenient online order form.

Public Service Announcements (radio and TV/cable). Please call your local radio and TV/cable stations and ask for the person in charge of public service announcements (PSA's).

Radio—Let them know that July is International GBS Awarenesss Month, and that the Jesse Cause has a 60-second public service announcement performed by Rebecca Herbst, actress on TV's General Hospital. Ask for the e-mail address to which the PSA should be sent and ask them to run it as long as possible. Download the PSA from our site (mp3 format), or e-mail to have the PSA forwarded to you. After sending the PSA to the stations, please e-mail with the names of stations, contact names, phone numbers and e-mail addressess to keep on record for subsequent contact.

TV/Cable—Let them know that July is International GBS Awarenesss Month, and that the Jesse Cause has both 30- and 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) performed by Rebecca Herbst, actress on TV's General Hospital, in both beta cam and 3/4" format. Ask which length and format they need and the address to which it should be mailed. Ask them to run the PSA as long as possible. Next, please e-mail with the length and format needed, as well as names of stations, mailing addresses, contact names, phone numbers and e-mail addressess to keep on record for subsequent contact.


Newspaper Articles. Please call the health editor of your local papers (remember small community papers, too!) and tell them your story. If you know of a good doctor for GBS awareness please refer them to the reporter so that there is a knowledgeable contact for the professional side of the story. Send a note of thanks to the reporter afterwards—you never know when they might be able do another story for you—and if you are unsure of what they will write, you can ask to read it before printing.

4 Letters to the Editor. Tell your story and emphasize that all women should be aware of (and tested for) Group B strep to help protect their babies throughout pregnancy and early infancy.
5 TV Talk Shows/Investigative Shows. Please call or send letters asking them to spotlight GBS, and/or offering to share your story with their audience.


Sally Jesse Raphael—

Montel Williams— (800)Montel2 or write Mary Duffy/Executive Producer, The Montel Williams Show, 433 W. 53 St., NY, NY 10019.

Today Show—

Leeza—, or write to Leeza, Paramount TV, PO Box 4321, Hollywood, CA 90078.

ABC News— The "Talk to Us" page has e-mail suggestions for 20/20, Good Morning America, GMA Sunday, Nightline, and Primetime Live.


Focus on the Family— has information on contacting their radio show.

And don't forget your local news station for the health segment of their news shows!

Please e-mail any other shows that might be appropriate!
6 Pregnancy Boards/Websites for Women's Health. Please contact pregnancy boards/websites for women's health to coordinate press releases/information/PSAs.
7 GBS Awareness Ribbons for Individuals. Awareness ribbons are needed on an ongoing basis! They are fun to make with a group of friends and family and great for public interest stories in your local paper. Please visit our GBS Awareness Ribbons page for illustrated directions, and where to purchase the materials. Please mail any "extras" to either of the addresses on our Contact Us page.
"I test for Group B Strep" Stickers for Your Doctors. Although testing is now mandatory in the USA, the stickers create GBS awareness. In countries that use risk-based testing, it is important to recognize doctors who test for GBS. The sticker is about 1" x 3/4". To obtain stickers, please email
9 GBS Awareness Month Proclamation in Your City. Although we are taking GBS awareness month to the national/international level, it's important that it be recognized in local communites. Please call your local city hall to find out their procedure. The Jesse Cause has a downloadable GBS Awareness Proclamation (MS Word document) which you can send to your city officials after filling in your own GBS experience.

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Names/contact information for equivalents of Centers for Disease Control around the world.

Names/contact information for parents' GBS groups.

GBS medical articles and/or links.

Information on GBS in the news.

Thanks for your support and help! Working together we can spare babies from GBS!

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