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Beth's Twin Girls   — beth orourke, NY, USA

On Dec 19, 1997, I gave birth to twin girls at 27 weeks of pregnancy. The doctors said that since my membranes had a leak and it looked as if I had Strep B that I would have to deliver. I had never heard of Strep B even with my first child. My girls were a little over 2 lbs. each. They both have VP Shunts and one of my girls has had to have hers changed four more times. That was in the first year. Today in 2005 they are doing better then anyone could have dreamed. One daughter is in special ed. The other is main stream 2nd grade, but I still to this day have that What IF moment. What if I had gotten that little lab test to tell me if I had Strep B. It is not only important to get the test, but if you are having multiples you should have it early because the chances of you going full-term are small. Thank you for letting me vent. Beth

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