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Mercedez' Story   — Delayne Kirikiri, non us, New zealand

Hi, I'm 20 years old. I recently lost a baby to Group B strep when I was 19. This was my first child. She was born on 25th May, 2004. Her name is Mercedez. The nurses told me about Group B strep in the first trimester of my pregnancy and, because I wanted her so much, I worried about it. I worried about it because it was the only thing that could take my baby if there was anything. I told my midwife at about six months that I wanted to be tested for strep b, but she told me that I would be OK and that when I went into labour she would give me some antibiotics. I was in the hospital and I told mum I was worried about strep b. She told the midwife, but nothing was done. I showed signs of strep b with a high temperature, but that didn't concern the midwife, even when she checked the heart beat. We heard it and then the next time she said the baby must be down too low to hear her heartbeat as we didn't hear it. My delivery was dreadful. Baby came out and I automatically knew something was wrong. She wouldn't take her first breath. I was calling for her. I was so thinking that she would be able to hear her mum calling and that she would breathe, but she didn't. When the doctor said she was gone, I was holding her and still thinking that she was going to cry at the feel of my skin. I was breathing into her hoping I could make her breathe, but nothing happened. She was gone. I held my baby girl for hours and just couldn't believe what had happened. This was my worst nightmare. This is rock bottom. I was robbed of my baby. If only I was taken seriously, my baby could be here today. I'm going to take this to court. It is just over a year now and I am three months pregnant. I'm overwhelmed and so scared. I've had a strep b test recently and I've been tested positive so this is a big worry to me. I cannot lose another baby to strep b. I'd like to hear from anybody with the same experience especially if you've lost a baby to strep b and are having another one. Please help me to set my mind at ease. If you have any advice for me or anything, please send me an email. I'd really love it and appreciate it. Thank you, Delayne Kirikiri

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