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Vanessa's Daughter's Story   — Vanessa Kelly, Queensland australia , Australia

My youngest daughter was born with group B. She was brought on at 39 weeks due to personal reasons and I was not tested for it prior yet i did ask too! My doc at the time felt that it wasn't needed. Yet when being born it was found that she had come in contact with it which was acknowledged shortly after birth. She had not been feeding well, kind of sleeping funny, and non-responsive. It was so scary to find out that l had infected her with a bacterial problem. The thought is still raw to this day! Yet in saying that she did survive! She is 18 moths old today. Yet l find she is easily sick almost every month. I am always at the doctor's and when she was younger l was at the hospital a lot. Just fearful of anything she would get that could have me lose her! It's been a long hard road but a great learning experience. She is a beautiful girl who is very loving and happy (even when sick). She is active too. Yet she has had delays with her speech and is a little slower with her development than my other two girls. I also wonder about the long term effects due to constant doctor visits and her late development. She is a wonderful kid. I wish it could have been prevented though to save a lot of heart ache and sadness. Yet going through it has been a growing experience, too. I so hope my story can be told to be more aware of the signs and trouble this illness can cause and how important it is to get tested for it before your labour as it could save your child's life and later development 💕

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