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Lochlan's Angel Beginning   — Melissa Driscoll, MN, USA

Lochlan's Angel Beginning I am writing because on 13AUG2015 our son Lochlan Michael Driscoll was laid down for his nap by the daycare provider and he never woke up. 3 months after that date we learned that our son Lochlan died of Strep B pneumonia. We have so many questions, because I was strep B negative with our first child who is a very healthy and happy 3 year old. And with Lochlan we had him C-section and I received antibiotics for strep B during the surgery. We brought him in for his 4 month appointment on 31JUL2015 and he was perfectly healthy and happy little boy. When I dropped him off at the daycare providers on 13AUG2015 he was perfectly healthy again. No Cough, no fever, no runny nose. But he stopped breathing. There was no sign of a seizure or anything he just stopped breathing and the daycare provider did CPR on him and the emergency medical professionals also did, and no one could revive him. So if our son Lochlan didn't get it from me, his mother, where did he get it? How is it transmitted after birth? Did I do anything wrong, are there signs that I should have caught? How can Strep B be missed?

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