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Virginia's Daughter's Story   — Virginia Kangas, WA, USA

I tested positive for GBS with my 6th pregnancy for the very first time. About 10 days before my due date I asked my doctor to strip my membranes. Unknown to me, GBS can spread before your water breaks. This happened to me. I went into labor 2 days later and baby's heart rate was at 180. After 1 hour with a high heart rate even after changing position the doctor decided to do a c-section but first gave me one dose of antibiotic. My first was a c-section with 4 vbacs following. My doctor was concerned about uterine rupture but it was really the GBS. When my daughter was born she was very sick. My entire uterus was covered in GBS and the doctor said my placenta was crumbling and brown. Pathology on placenta said GBS. My sweet daughter spent 10 days in the nicu on antibiotics. She had sepsis but not pneumonia or meningitis. This was a very scary experience but my daughter has no long term problems and is now 2 years old. I strongly recommend caution with internal exams with your obgyn if you test positive for gbs. Although it's said that GBS is only spread once your water is broken this is not entirely true. My water was intact before my c-section.

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