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Benji's Story   — Benji Taylor, IL, USA

First, I want to share my compassion and love for all the mothers and families on this site who have lost children to early-onset strep B. Second, I'd like to encourage the early-onset mothers whose children are at risk or suffering from early-onset strep B. Finally, I was born in 1985. My mother had suffered from strep before she even knew she was pregnant perhaps four to six weeks after conception even. I contracted strep B when passing through the birth canal. I spent four weeks in the NICU on the verge of death; upon recovery, my mother was told by nurses and doctors that, while I would live a healthy life, mentally I would never be on par with my peers. I have since gone on to be valedictorian of my high school class, graduate summa cum laude from an Ivy League university, and am currently pursuing a degree as a medical doctor in oncology. There's hope!

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