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Early-onset Story   — Anonymous Mother, CA, USA

My baby was born with GBS and is fighting for her life as we speak. She was put on ECMO to rest her lungs and heart. Tomorrow they will be taking her off and putting her back on a ventilator. We are praying that the ECMO machine worked and she's able to do it all on her own with no problem. On December 4th I was leaving work and felt a gush of fluid. I went to the ER and they said it wasn't my bag of waters. So the following Saturday I felt the same gush and then it broke completely. Her heart started going crazy whenever I would have a contraction so they did an emergency C-section. When she came out she wasn't crying. Then they started taking out the fluid from her and she let out a little cry. They took her to wash her up and my husband went with her . After we waited in the recovery room, the doctor came in and said that they needed to transfer her to the NICU in another hospital . So now we pray that everything goes well and she recovers.

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