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Kensie and Mom Orr's Story   — Kensie and Mom Orr, LA, USA

Kensie was born full term and healthy. When she was 6 days old both Kensie and Erika (her mom) were rushed to 2 separate hospitals. Erika was GBS septic and Kensie had GBS meningitis. Erika's uterus was badly infected and soon it spread to her blood. She fought hard to stay alive and was on IV Meds for 45 days before she was sent home. Erika has developed an unknown autoimmune disease from this and has constant issues and outbreaks to this day (20 months later). Kensie was not as fortunate as her mom Erika. Kensie has severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, blindness, seizure disorder, feeding issues,......the list goes on. Kensie is 20 months old and has had endless hospital stays and a few surgeries. Kensie is a happy baby and I am trying to provide the best life for her. Erika has been struggling to stay healthy as well but the more issues Kensie has the more outbreaks Erika gets--mostly related to stress. Our full story is on or on Facebook Prayers for Kensie.

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