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Cory's, Baby's, Stefani's and Jack's Stories   — Debra Pum, victoria, australia

To make a very very long story short.. My 1st son Cory was born May 25th 1995--stillborn at 38 weeks of pregnancy...I am a carrier of strep B. At the start of May I started feeling things weren't right with CJ. I was due for my appointment the next day, the 8th of May, so I thought I would explain my concerns then...The doctor told me I would be given antibiotics whilst in labour due to strep B. He checked for the heartbeat. My partner asked if he could hear it, too. The doctor was annoyed and my partner couldn't hear anything, but the doctor insisted the heartbeat was present. I said that the baby wasn't moving much. He said, "It's fine, that's what babies do." He was born 3 weeks later--by the look of my precious son, he had already passed over 2 weeks ago. I think the doctor knew what happened, but tried to cover his steps, leaving Cory dead inside me. I tried for 7 yrs to prove I wasn't going nuts, but everything, files, reports, ultrasound went missing. 2nd Pregnancy in early 1996--15weeks later I lost it. That took me 9 years to want to try again. Had my precious Stefani in 2003. I was a strep B carrier again induced 2 weeks early due to my past history--membranes ruptured--no antibiotics given--18 hour labour. Stefani has autism and, I believe, a link to strep B. Jack born 2006. I was a strep B carrier. I was given antibotics. Jack is a normal healthy 4.5 yr old.. As you all see I have a reason to believe that strep B and medical teams have a lot to do with my childrens lives... In Honour of Cory, Baby, Stefani and Jack ..Mummy will never give up to prove what she feels....x Debra

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