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Achinoam Chaya's Story   — Helaine Ring, Merkaz Shapira, Israel

Our granddaughter, Achinoam Chaya, was born at 18:30 on Saturday evening, a seemingly healthy beautiful baby girl. A mere 12 hours later she was in the NICU, on a respirator and in critical condition. For fifteen days this brave little girl fought valiantly for her life. She was intubated and sedated. The most crucial issue was that her kidneys failed to function. She was swollen with fluids and put on dialysis. The nurses said that they had never seen such a small baby on dialysis. The water retention caused tremendous pressure on her lungs and she was intubated at very high levels of pressure. Unfortunately she could not withstand all this and returned her pure soul to Heaven at the tender age of 15 days. She will always be much loved and greatly missed.

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