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Zack' Story   — Beverly Batts, TN, USA

Zack was born 3/1/93, a full term pregnancy. He was swooped out of the room before I could hold him because he was grey & grunting. A few hours later the doctor came in & told us Zack had Beta Strep and it didn't look like he would survive. The first 72 hours would be the hardest the doctor said. All of Zack's organs began to shut down. Then in comes my OB-GYN with my file, to tell me that my Beta Strep test was LOST & NEVER sent off to be processed... all I could do was pray and focus on Zack living.. it was the longest 30 days of my life. There was times I'd go in the ICU to visit and the staff would just stare at me very desperately. Later I would find out that they just worked on Zack to revive him back to life (this was on several occasions)... when we finally got to leave the hospital the doctor still told us that we should not have too much hope for Zack to be "normal" since he had so many complications. My 17 year old Zack who plays football, baseball, and basketball and will hopefully get a college scholarship, is smart, good looking, and I give all the Glory to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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