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Krystal's Son's Story   — krystal o'daniel, CA, USA

I had my son on 12/12/09 and thought everything was fine. I had been tested for GBS and was negative! Then my son was taken while I was sleeping, hours after he was born. My husband started asking the nurses questions and they finally took him to the nursery where my son was hooked up to an IV and stomach tube. They then told my husband that our son had GBS. I started asking nurses and researching only to find out the test was not done properly! When you are tested they are supposed to swab your rectum and vaginal area. I had only been swabbed in my vagina. I was positive and they did not know. My son had to be in the hospital on an IV for 10 days. I was devastated!!! Now he is home and I still have to watch the color of his stool for signs of gallbladder and kidney failure. He still has to get blood tests to check his billirubin levels because they are elevated and have not gone down. The billirubin is the liver function, and if it does not go down he will have to have surgery to reroute his bile duct from his liver. He is okay at the moment, but all of this could have been prevented if the GBS test had been done properly! I still worry every minute!!!!!!!

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