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Kallie's story   — Sally Atherton, CO, USA

I had my twin girls at 35 weeks on Janurary 22, 2009. Kaylin and Kallie then spent 8 days in the NICU and then got to come home.The only problem Kallie had was that her blood sugar was low, but they got that under control after a day. Everything was going good. They were gaining weight and growing fine. Then at 4 weeks Kallie was fussy and was whimpering. I thought she had a tummy ache the whole day. She did this when she was eating and having wet diapers. At the 2:00 am feeding she wouldn't stop crying and whimpering. I called the doctor and she said to swaddle her and put her back to bed. I did this and she calmed down. I didn't worry because my oldest girl had colic and I just thought that was what she had like the doctor said. When we got up for the 5:00 am feeding I fed Kaylin first because Kallie had the bad night. When I was done with Kaylin I went to go get Kallie. When I picked her up she was very grey and clammy and wasn't reacting right. I called 911 and they took us to the ER. When we got there they said that she had RVS and they were going to have to keep her. As soon as the doctor left I was holding her hand in my finger and then she let it go. She turned blue and stopped breathing. I ran to go get help. They put her on a breathing machine and took her up to the PICU. It took them forever to come to get us. They told us that she was a very sick baby and they didn't know if she was going to make it.T hey were waiting for the spinal tap to come back. I didn't know what I was going to do. I prayed and prayed for God not to take her from me and He didn't take her from me. I thank him every day for that. She had 19 seizures while in the hospital and she had 10 blood transfusions and was on so many differnt kinds of meds. We don't know if any damage was done. We will have to wait and see. She has scar tissue on her brain and a small bleed. We tried to get her off the seizure meds, but she had 2 seizures when we tried to do this so she is back on it. I tested negative for GBS and had a c-section. Kaylin, her twin, didn't get anything. She is heathy. I just don't understand how one would get it and the other didn't. Kallie was attached to the placenta so don't know if that had somthing do do with it or not. I will never know why or how she got this and I wish nobody would have to go through this. My heart go out to everyone who is affected by this. I'm so glad my little girl is with me. I love her so much.

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