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Jayden's Story   — Shamika Johnson, SC, USA

My son's name was Jayden, born on 1-4-09 @ 2:44 am & died 1-29-09 @ 2:43. While I was pregnant I was told that I was positive for GBS, but that I had nothing to worry about. My son came out fine, but 2 weeks later he became very ill (from throwing up after each feeding to not eating at all to having mini seizures 10 minutes apart to falling asleep & not waking up). He was rushed to the emergency room because he was lethargic. There they did a CT scan of his head & said he had a spot on his brain & that it didn't look good at all. The next day they did a MRI & discovered that no blood was going to his brain at all...only to the stem. For the next couple of days they ran tests on him & gave him antibiotics. They discovered that he did have the GBS infection in his blood & his brain basically just got worse because the brain stem stopped receiving blood too so technically my son was considered brain dead which is listed as the second cause of death besides his heart stopping. I'm lucky that I got to meet my angel & I know that he's in a better place.

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