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Kay's Baby's Story   — Kay Dee, CT, USA

I was tested for GBS in week 35 of my pregnancy. I was told it was negative. After my baby was born I was told that she had a fever, but that everything seemed to be okay. I had a C-Section and the staff decided to keep my placenta to send for a culture (no one told us this at the time.) The culture came back positive so they kept my daughter in the NICU for one week and she was given antibiotics. Her tests never came back positive. She had blood drawn and then a spinal tap. Could she have never had GBS?? I had so much difficulty getting information at the hospital. I had to look things up at home. I don't even know if I can forget about this whole thing. I do feel lucky and I am VERY thankful that she is healthy and doing well. She is 2 months old.

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