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Christina Son's Story   — Christina Krablin, FL, USA

At 29 weeks my water broke leaving me 100% dry. I arrived at the hospital thinking they would have to deliver the baby immediately, but instead they wanted to keep him in as long as they could and give him steroid shots. I was on complete bed rest in the hospital when I went into labor at 32 weeks, but they said I was showing flu symptoms and the baby was in distress. He was born at 32 weeks and was positive for group B strep. Thank heavens they did a spinal tap and it did not go to his spine. The doctor in NICU told my husband and I that we had received our one miracle in life and we were shocked because we never realized the severity. I was told that the statistics were 1 in however million that he would actually get it so I never even worried about it, but I guess I was the one in however million. He was in NICU for 6 weeks and is now 3 years old. He is healthy, strong, smart and very funny. We are so fortunate and grateful to the doctors and the medicine that saved him. We were soooo fortunate.

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