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Gayla's Daughter's Story   — Gayla James, FL, USA

My heart is still burdened down every year my daughter's birthday passes. It was a Sunday at church when I started feeling extra tired and uncomfortable. My baby was moving more than normal, but I wasn't worried because that's what babies do, and besides my doctor's appointment was the next day. So the next day I went in for my routine checkup. The nurse came in to check to see if the baby's heart beat was fine, but she had this worried and distressed look on her face as if something was wrong so she left the room. Then moments later she brought the doctor in and again she checked to see if my baby had a heart beat. Then the doctor replied, "There is no heart beat-- your baby is dead." I was distraught and in disbelief because I knew my baby was moving. The doctor determined that I had GBS. He said I woudn't know that I had it , but it had infected my baby. It was August the 5th and she was due on August 25th. My daughter would've been 16 yrs old today. My heart still longs for her every birthday, every holiday. If only I knew to get tested for GBS my baby probably would've lived. So thanks The Jesse Cause for allowing me to share my story. It was healing for me because I don't talk about it much. Thanks again, Gayla James

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