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Helen's Two Sets of Twins   — helen sleep, united kingdom, uk

Hi, I first came across your site 5 years ago after I lost my 1st twins to strep b at 22 weeks. At that time strep b was virtually unheard of. I then lost my 2nd twins to strep b two years later. This time I only got to 15weeks. Not long after though I had visited your site many times. I then wrote to you and asked for your help in the treatment of strep b whilst i was pregnant. I would now like to thank you for all your advice as i have now had a baby boy, 6th Nov 06 and a day before his 1st birthday I gave birth to twin girls. I achieved this by inserting a cream every night which Ronnie Lamont, a doctor in London, has made to help fight bacteria in pregnant women so thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope my story can also bring hope for other people as I thought there was nothing that could help. xxxx

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