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Hunter's Story   — Crissy Rudnik, MN, USA

My son Hunter was born August 5 2001. My water had broken 2 weeks before I went into labor, but it was a small tear and it didn't show up on the nitro strips so they didn't believe me that I was leaking. I went into labor and at 12:00 called the hospital. They told me to wait a few hours to come in. We got to the hospital at 4:00. They gave me the penicillin at 6:00. Hunter was born at 7:23. His scores were really low after birth. They left him in the room with me for a couple of hours. Around midnight a nurse came in to check on us. She asked if she could bring him into the nursery for a little bit. I called for him 2 hours later. That's when the docs came in the room and told me that they didn't think he would make it through the night. He had a whole list of problems. We had to have a specialist come in from Fargo, ND, to finally give us the diagnosis. He was diagnosed with GBS sepsis and a heart murmur. He spent 10 days in the NICU. The doctors still to this day won't admit they screwed up. Hunter is now 6 years old and he has just been classified as mentally handicapped. I can't find out much info on this.

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