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Zoey and Aiden's story   — anonymous

I was 31 weeks along with identical twin girls and awoke one morning to my membranes rupturing. I had had an easy pregnancy. I was out of town. I went from 0 to fully dilated in 4.5 hours. I pushed for awhile and my lower little girl's heart rate was dropping too often so they did a C-section. Both were born and needed no ventilators. They were rushed to OHSU in Oregon. At day 9 Zoey my little one (2 lbs 15 oz) got a high fever and coded in a matter of minutes right there in the ICU and in front of me. They revived her, but she went was on a ventilator. Three EEG's showed no brain activity. On day 23 we pulled the ventilator off. Zoey's twin Aiden (3lbs 5 oz) is a healthy and strong 5 month old now and has not been sick one single day so far! The research shows that if the mother of twins is GBS positive usually the lower twin gets infected and most of the time with vaginal birth. Well, my higher twin was infected ahd she never came close to the birth canal.

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