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Carlos' story   — Arnesia Edwards, TN, USA

My son, Carlos, was born on October 17, 2002. I was told that I had Group B strep, but I had nothing to worry about because I was having a C-section. About 3 weeks later my son ran a fever of 102.5. I took him to the ER where he was lifeless. The doctors said he had Strep B meningitis. It left my son with a feeding tube and infantile seizures, hydrocephelus, and cortically blind. Carlos is now 19 months old. He has just started to sit up on his own and is developmentally on an 6 or 7 month old level. My doctor only gave me a small dose of antibotics because he said they only really treat you if you're having a vaginal birth. If these doctors only knew what we go through as parents after the trauma. Good thing I put all my trust in Jesus Christ and not man because I truly feel I would have lost my mind. I believe He is still doing the same miracles today that He did yesterday. THANKS, ARNESIA

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