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Cheyenne   — Kim

On January 4, a Sunday, I woke up happy as usual. I nursed well. Daddy and I played on the floor with the Sesame Street activity gym as Kevin, Dad's friend, watched. Mom dressed me in the prettiest white cotton outfit that was trimmed in teal. She and I had big plans. Daddy and Kevin went to Little Fishing Creek to play golf, Mom and I went to Toys R Us. She bought me a light musical and sound activity set as I slept in my carrier. Then she took me to the mall. Mom fed me some bottled breastmilk while her wedding ring was being cleaned. I was a little fussy as we sat next the carousel. So we headed to see Peggy and Terry. Moma thought I could play with my new toy and show off. As Terry washed Moma's truck, I got fussy again. I vomited my lunch all over Peggy's couch. Moma finally realized I wasn't feeling well.

She packed up my toys and we went home. She began to call Daddy on his car phone. She took my temperature (in my bottom) it was 101.3. Here comes that grape stuff (Tylenol). She is still trying to reach Daddy. Finally, he answers, "Cheyenne is sick. She has a fever and vomited once. Please hurry home." Daddy said, "Kim, you are a nurse. Babies do get sick. I'll be there soon."

When Daddy arrived, Moma called Dr. V's answering service to see if she should take me to the ER to be checked. I was moaning slightly like I hurt. The nurse said go to the ER to be seen due to my fever and age (10 weeks). On arrival at the ER, I still had a fever. Dr. A and Dr. S saw me. They drew my blood and took a picture of my chest. Moma had started giving me pedialyte. I sucked fairly well. My CBC and chest xray were normal. Dr. S spoke with Dr. B and they decided for Moma to bring me to see Dr. V the next morning at 9:30. I already was scheduled for my shots at 9:45 anyway. I vomited again on the way home. Moma stayed up all night with me. She gave me pedialyte and checked my fever all night. Moma got real sleepy but she didn't want to go to sleep. She woke Daddy up at 6 a.m. so he could help watch me. My fever disappeared during the night. I began to have an empty stare on my face my morning As Moma got dressed to take me to see Dr. V, Daddy quickly bathed me off. Moma came into the room as Daddy had me on my changing table getting me dressed . Daddy said, "She is having a chill." Moma cried, "No! She is having a seizure!" My legs were mottled and my right side had a minor tremor. They quickly got dressed and headed to Macon. Moma called Dixie, Dr. V's nurse. She told her I was having a seizure. Dixie said come to the office. So we did. Dr. V came in to see me. I felt so bad. I was still seizing. Moma told Daddy she thought I had meningitis and I was very, very, very sick. Dr. V left the room and quickly came back. He sent us to the Children's Hospital. Moma drove down Vineville Avenue as Daddy held me. Moma was crying. Daddy was crying. I was so sick I could hardly moan as I continued to have seizure activity. Daddy watched to make sure I was breathing. My respiration's were very shallow and my skin color was gray and mottled.

We arrived at the hospital. They were expecting us. They took me to the procedure room to start my IV and to do a lumbar puncture. Daddy stayed beside me the whole time. The doctor could not get my spinal fluid, so they decided to give me Phenobarbital for my seizures through my IV. Moma took me back to my room #386. They hooked me up to heart and respiratory monitor.

The nurse left my room. So I needed some attention. My heart rate dropped to the 40's and I stopped breathing. Moma is a nurse; she knew just what to do. She hollered for help and started to arouse me.. The operator paged "Code PALS Room 386". Daddy held Moma as they both cried. They were placed in small quiet room. Jeff Miller showed up to comfort them. He helped them call my grandparents and other family. They moved me to a new room in PICU. Dr. W became my new doctor. He stuck me in my back again. He was so good. My spinal fluid was very cloudy. He told Moma and Daddy he was sure that I had meningitis and I was very ill. He put a central line in so I could get lots of antibiotics, fluids, and seizure medicines. I was still seizing. My brain had some swelling from the infection which was causing the seizures. I had a CT scan that afternoon. It showed some swelling. I had another scan the next day. It showed more swelling. They had wanted to have a MRI, but my vital signs were not good enough. Yes, I had a dopamine drip helping out my blood pressure and lots of other medicines. My family and friends prayed for me and comforted Moma and Daddy as I prepared to enter Heaven's gate. The pediatric neurologist, Dr. T, looked at my EEG's (brain activity) and told Moma and Daddy the news. I didn't have much going on in my head because of the multi strokes. I was in Heaven already.

On Thursday, Dr. C explained to my large loving family and friends about my fatal illness. He explained Moma and Daddy's decision to take me off this terrible respirator and these needles out of my body so I could go play with the other baby angels in heaven.

On Friday night, I finally got to run and play on those streets of gold. I didn't hurt anymore. I was God's newest angel. I entered those heavenly gates wearing my Baby B'Gosh overalls. Moma and Daddy, I want you to know that this place has every toy you can imagine and Granny and Papa Paul and Grandma Bessie to rock me all the time. Till we meet again, I'll be watching over the two of you.

Lots of love from heaven above

Cheyenne's mom - Kim

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