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Georgia Leigh's story   — Shannon Wilson

Hello Jesse's Mom,

My husband and I too know you're pain. We have a wonderful baby girl named Georgia Leigh. She was born with GBS and it developed into meningitis, pneumonia, and liver problems. We spent 42 days in the NICU and we too were able to bring our baby home. We do not know if it is a good thing though. The infection destroyed all of her brain with the exception of her brainstem, which only keeps her alive. She is a year old and she can lift her head and swipe at toys. As of now she does not even have a tooth. She is in a lot of pain due to stiffness in her muscles, caused by the brain damage; she also suffers from bowel problems due to the same. We were told that we would have to have her gums cut for her teeth to move in. I was never tested! I never knew anything about GBS until it destroyed our lives. The awful truth is my insurance did pay for the test still our doctor thought not enough of me or my baby to give me a choice or even alert me that such a thing exist. I wish we could donate but we are keeping our heads barely above water with expenses and the fact I must stay home and care for our beloved baby. Though if my testimony can help the cause, I give it freely.

Shannon Wilson

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