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Beatriz' Baby's Story   — Beatriz Martinez, CO, USA

Hello, I am a healthy 35 yr old. I just had a SUDDEN miscarriage on week eighteen. Because of my age I was being seen by a high risk doctor and a regular OBGYN. This was my first baby, so I was EXTREMELY DILIGENT to the point of being paranoid, in terms of my doctor appointments, tests, diet, exercise, etc. I had a CVS done that was perfect and all of my blood tests, sonograms and urine tests were perfect! I started noticing an unusual discharge on week 16th and went to the doctor. They did a sonogram, blood test, etc. and EVERYTHING was negative. They sent me home. Again, the discharge kept getting worse and again I went to the doctor and the SAME THING. Less than 48 hours after seeing the doctor for the last time, I was having a miscarriage. The amniotic sac ruptured COMPLETELY and SUDDENLY! When I got to the hospital there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they could do. The baby was alive, BUT there was no fluid left for him to live. I had to go through the natural process of labor to give birth to a live baby with NO chance to live. It was DEVASTATING for me and my husband. I was in shock throughout the whole ordeal since I trusted all the doctors and thought I was being VERY DILIGENT on my part. There were NO indications from them that this was a risk. A week later they gave us the pathology results, miscarriage due to a Strep B infection. The placenta was affected but neither the baby or amniotic fluid were. I am now left with little information and a lot of grief. I have been researching NON-STOP since I got the results. My OBGYN literally told me that it was just "bad luck" and that there were no risks and/or the chances of it happening again on my next pregnancy were small. For obvious reasons I decided to do vast research myself. We want to conceive again soon, BUT I don't want to do it until I find out how to prevent this or detect it early enough to prevent another loss. I TRULY want to thank all for this web site and for the info shared here. It will save lives! Sincerely, Beatriz Martinez Avon, Colorado

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