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Chloe's story   — Patricia

An hour later she stopped that funny noise, good....but I felt something was wrong...

My daughter was born the 1st of january 2003, my contractions started on decembre 23, for a week and 1/2 i was in contractions every 3-8 minutes, i couldn't sleep, i went to the hospital many times during that period, they were all saying the same thing, get some rest, have some morphine, it's false labor, you are not dialating so we will send you home, in and out i went...i was extremly tired, and the nurses thought it was horrible to let me suffer like that, my husband was completly mad at the doctors, i started to wonder if there was anything wrong with my baby, the last time i went was on decembre 31st, i arrived at 10 pm, and by 2am my doctor sent me home again...that was enough, i changed hospital that night, and told the doctor there that i had no 4:30am i was discussing with him about piercing my bag, by 6:30 am it was done, he considered that my contractions were big enough!!!!!! So he did, and instantly i dillated to 4 cm ( i was 2 before), by 12:33 pm my daughter was born, a beautiful 7 pounds 9 onces. 2 hours later in my room i was laughing at my daughters weird noice she was doing, the joke was...I'm not gonna sleep we her snoring....she was already hour later she stopped that funny noice, good....but i felt something was wrong, i pinched her, no response, i opened her pyjama, she was blue, my heart stopped beating, i put her upside down by her legs (it was an instinct), and start clapping her in the back while yealing for a nurse, it was horrible....they took her and unblock what was in her trhoat, just secretion they said, but we will keep an eye on her at the nursery, then fever, pneumonia, sepsis, they told me a medical team were coming to get her in a childrens hospital, that something was wrong, she was unstable....I took the ambulance with her it was 12:30am 12 hours after her 2 am we arrived at the chlidren's hospital, a team of 12 was waiting for her....nurses, doctors, specialist, etc...for 10 hours they "worked" on her to get her stable, and for 3 days i heard "we don't know if she will survive, she is in great danger", just touching her got her heart rate up, she was on hight frequency ventilator for 15 days, having 12 different medications, being plugged to so may wires that when i finaly was able to take her in my arms at 16 days i was calling her " my cordless baby"....She made it....she still with us, after 24 days in ICU she was home with us, she still has some lungs weakness due to her sever pneumonia (her lungs collaps), we still have some worries, but she is here, we have that chance....One word to describe that bacteria and that period of my life "HORRIBLE"...

I do my best now to provent some parents to live that....

Thanx, it feels good to let it out!!!!!

mom of Chlo‘ 9 months gbs survivor,
Christophe 11 years
Antony 8 years
Shelley 7 years

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