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Brodie Thomas' Story   — michelle plazina, vic, australia

Hi, my name is Michelle. Your story is amazing and I wish mine was half as good. My Brodie Thomas was born May 22 at Geelong Hospital. I had already been tested for gbs and had been given one dose of medication for it. Then he was born and we were all over the moon to have had a beautiful healthy 7 pound, 13 ounce baby boy. On the 23rd of May the doc at the hospital gave us the all clear even though Brodie didn't pass the hearing test. The nurse that was to come to the house on Wednesday the 24th would do it. That never ever happened. We got home on Tuesday night at 7:30pm and settled all our children as they were all so excited about having a baby brother, Ebony even more so as we have 3 boys including Brodie and one girl. Well, we all went to bed. Brodie and I stayed up feeding. I had never breastfed the others and was giving it a go. I thought that night he was starting to get more as he was having more feedings, but just shorter. We both fell asleep on the couch and my husband come out into the lounge room and woke me. We both saw our precious baby son wasn't breathing, but had a pulse. We called 000 (Australian version of 911.) Two vans rushed out taking Brodie to the local hospital. at 3:30. They worked on our boy until 5:30 and then the the doc came over to me and Trev. He said that Brodie had no brain activity and didn't make it and we had lost him. So today if they had treated us properly we would have had healthy baby son. Scott 8, Ebony 7, and Jacob 3 could have been growing up with Brodie, but instead of that we have memories of our precious son who couldn't stay.

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