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Rose's Story   — Marti

Julia "Rose"

My fourth child, Julia "Rose" was stillborn on July 1, 1998 three days before her due date due to GBS. After three healthy children I never imagined that this would happen. My pregnancy with her was the easiest of all four of them. When I was cultured positive for Group B Strep in early June, the doctors made it seem like no big deal. I had never heard of Group B Strep before and my baby books at home made no mention of it so I falsely assumed that the doctors must be right.

The afternoon before I delivered her I had my regular OB checkup. I had had some vaginal burning the two weeks prior, but the doctors just prescribed yeast infection medication without actually culturing me. I was so glad to hear her healthy heartbeat, but then the doctor examined me very forcefully to see if I was dilated. I remember telling my sister-in-law over an hour later that I could still feel the forcefulness of his exam.

The next morning I went into labor at 5:00 AM with contractions 10 minutes apart. At 5:50 AM my contractions suddenly went to 1-3 minutes apart and I started retching and had the chills. I felt her kick me while I was waiting in the nurses' station with my request for IV antibiotics in hand, but by the time I got into the labor and delivery room there was no fetal heartbeat. My water had not broken yet. I delivered her 24 minutes later; however, she could not be revived.

Ten months later I had the same vaginal burning except one and sometimes both of my ovaries burned as well. I cultured positive for heavy Group B Strep.

My OB's gave me absolutely no information or indication that losing my baby was even possible as a result of GBS. My heart aches every day for the daughter that I have lost while my OB's still tell me that they don't know how GBS could have crossed my placenta even though medical literature clearly states that it can.


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