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Campbell's Story   — Hayley Voll, Western Australia, Perth Western Australia

Campbell's Story On the 28th June 04, we lost our 4 month old son from GBS. It was just a normal day and there were no unusual differences in Campbell's behaviour. He was happy and drank all his feeds, no rash, no symptoms at all, which is so I am told extremely unusual. I put him down for an afternoon nap and went to check him approximately one hour later to find him not breathing and blue. An ambulance was called and we performed CPR to no avail. On arrival at the hospital Campbell was formally pronounceed dead. My intitial thoughts were that he had died from SIDS, but after receiving the autopsy results we were informed that he had died from an overwhelming GBS infection. Obviously we were stunned as I was tested prior to delivery and was negative. To lose a child from this sort of infection so late in infancy is rare and to not have any apparent symptoms is even more rare so we are told. So where did he get the infection ? Why no symptoms? My beautiful healthy bouncing boy was taken so suddenly and unfairly. Hayley

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