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Allison's Son's Story   — Allison Gentz, CA, USA

Hello, My son was born a healthy 9 lbs. baby, one week late. At 18 days old he became very sick. He had a very high fever and started to have other serious problems. Since the day that I brought him home from the hospital, he had trouble breastfeeding, and had two minor infections. The hospital sent him home with a very mild case of jaundice and said he was okay. He lost 10% of his birth weight in the first two days of being home. Still I was told he was okay. I can remember thinking that he just too good of a baby. He never really cried and always seemed to be sleeping. It's hard to believe my son will be six years old on March 18th. He is deaf, blind, has cerebral palsy, and functions at an 8 month old level. The medical group has taken no responsibility for the problem. They claim that because he got sick at 18 days old that the GBS did not come from me, but rather the environment. After talking to a few attorneys, I am told that, once the doctors found out the problem, they handled my son in the best possible manner. I知 not at the point that I think I知 ready to go to the media and demand that the medical group take some of the responsibility for this, but I知 tired of working so hard to take care of my son. The medical group claims that GBS was not a mandatory test six years ago, but it is now something that is tested for. However, I知 ready to take some action in getting something for his pain and suffering and to make sure that he is taken care of for the rest of his life. I write this in hopes that someone can offer me the moral support to take my son and stand outside of the hospital to demand that they give me something for the care of my son. Please help!! Any information would be greatly helpful in my fight. Since the lawyers don稚 want to take the case, then I知 going a different route. Thanks, Allison

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