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Lauren Marie's Story   — Megan Mills, MD, USA

My Husband Ted and I had a Beautiful Baby Girl-Lauren Marie Mills born on December 9th 2005 at 6:51 p.m., but she died on December 19, 2005. I had two Urinary Tract Infections while I was pregnant with Lauren. My OB/GYN told me there was nothing to worry about that they will just treat me as positive for Group B Strep. All they told me is that when I go into labor that they will give me an antibiotic. On Sunday December 4th, I had a little fluid leakage and the next day I called my OB/GYN. I was suppose to go for my weekly appt. on December 6th, but they told me to come in for an emergency appt. My OB/GYN checked me out and said the fluid leakage that I had was normal. At around 2 a.m. on December 9th, I told my husband to call the hospital because I felt wet. He kept on telling me to go into the bathroom to check. I finally went in and told him see-call now. I had a bloody/watery mix. They told him to tell me to put a pad in and call my doctor tomorrow morning since I was not having regular contractions. Finally, around 5:30-6:00 in the morning, I told him to call again because I felt like I was having one big menstrual cramp. He called and we went in. The Hospital admitted me around 7:00-8:00. They started me with Pitocin to get the contractions started, then they did give me a dose of antibiotics. I know they gave me another dose later in the afternoon. I was released from the hospital with Lauren on December 11th. The whole week while I had Lauren home, I had trouble breastfeeding her. She would cry, scream, and just get so frustrated when I would breastfeed her. I had to supplement with formula. Lauren would take the bottle just fine. Also, her hands and feet were freezing cold. Lauren slept alot and there was nothing that I could do to wake her up during the day to be fed. She would go for hours without feeding. My husband and I heard back from the Medical Examiners office on January 24th with the cause of Lauren\'s death. Lauren died of Group B Strep and Bronco Pneumonia. I don\'t know if she had early on-set symptoms or late on-set symptoms. I tend to think that she had early on-set symptoms and that if someone just would have checked Lauren out more closely, then Lauren would still be here today. I would love to e-mail parents back and forth for support. I find that to talk to other parents who have lost a baby due to the same thing as to how my husband and I lost our baby will help me tremendously. Please have any parents e-mail me at Thank you, Megan and Ted Mills

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