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Emily's Story   — Jennifer Brown, CA, USA

My name is Jennifer Brown and I reside in Oakland, California. I am a twenty-one year old mother of two, a four year old son Aaron, and a five month old baby girl Emily. I lost my five month old daughter Emily on September 3, 2005 to the ravaging effects of Group B Strep. The pain of losing a child seems unbearable at times, and I often find myself trying to regain my composure. I'm in the process of writing a book called When Day Breaks and Night Falls, based on my daughter's struggle, her death and the grieving process. I really go into detail about my daughter's relentless battle with Group B Strep and the devastation that results from the loss of a child. I want people to read the book and be able grasp the challenges that a baby is faced with after being diagnosed with Group B Strep, the grief the parents endure after the death of a child, and the healing process that follows. I want the book to be used as a form of renewed hope for grieving parents, and a learning tool to spread awareness on Group B Strep. I have found a new meaning for my life and I intend to follow the direction of my heart. I want to write my book, get it published, and begin to spread awareness of Group B Strep. After the initial infection, my daughter spent 70 percent of her life span in the hospital. The last two weeks of her life were spent at an incredible facility called The George Mark Children's House where me, my husband,and our son spent our time with Emily just enjoying the time we had together. My husband and I were honored to be a part of Emily's life, and be present with her while she drifted into eternity. A father said it so well, when he said "There are lots of people to tell you how to bring a child into the world, but very few who can help you escort one out." I have come to find out that the grieving process is one that I feel is never complete, but the pain becomes more manageable overtime, by taking one day at a time.

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