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Sawyer's Story   — Christopher and Dorothy Miano, KY, USA

We lost Xavier Sawyer Miano (Sawyer), "Mommy's Pigletpoo" and "Daddy's Pardner", to late-onset group B streptococcal meningitis, general sepsis, and hydrocephaly on October 11, 2005. Our son was the answer to years of prayer. We adopted Sawyer at birth, and had him home within a week. Sawyer was two weeks early. Birth mother was not screened for Group B strep, nor was any treatment offered for our son, albeit he was high risk. We miss him so terribly, and know his short time with us was determined not by error, but by God's knowing this little angel had 23 days with us to do many lifetimes worth of His work. Our intent is to never miss an opportunity for God to work through us, or to let our story ever be relived by another couple. It would be the finest way to honor Sawyer's memory. This task of informing others will be very therapeutic to us, I'm certain. The sadness others have endured because of this devastating infection is shared by my wife and myself, and you are all in our prayers.

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