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Liz's Baby   — Liz Anonymous, CA, USA

When my first child was born 13 years ago I discovered that I had a GBS infection when I had been in labor for hours and my doctor decided to rupture the bag of waters to expedite labor. When the bag was ruptured and the fluid began to drain from me I placed a towel between my legs and proceeded to use the toilet. To my amazement and horror I discovered what can only be described as long strings of mucous-looking material leaving my vagina and falling into the toilet. I called my mother and sister to come take a look to see if this was my mucous plug. After looking at it they both became very alarmed and called the nurse to check on me. The nurse called the doctor who told me that it was a strep infection. The doctor ordered antibiotics to be administered via my IV. My son was born about five hours later and was very ill with pneumonia from the GBS. He was hospitalized for about 10 days and I became ill and feverish within a few hours of his birth (which was vaginal). When my son was released from the hospital he thrived. At about 2 years old we began to notice he had visions problems. He has been to many doctors who were unable to diagnose his condition. His vision has steadily declined over the years until now he is legally blind. Is it possible that GBS was the reason for this? Have other women experienced a similar situation? If so, I would like to be made aware of the visual side-effects on the infant born to a mother with GBS. Thank you!

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