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The Jesse Cause was named for Chris and Shelene Keith's son Jesse, who was born with Group B strep (GBS). GBS caused meningitis, sepsis and hydrocephalus, resulting in three brain surgeries. Jesse's complete story is in the ABOUT section of our web site. The Jesse Cause was founded in hopes of sparing other families the devastating effects of GBS.

The Jesse Cause Brochure

Our missionis to distribute our brochure about GBS to pregnancy-related medical centers nationwide and worldwide, to promote GBS awareness. A woman with GBS can pass it on to her fetus when she is pregnant or to her baby during delivery or after birth. But, with testing, monitoring and treatment, 86% of GBS cases can be prevented.

Our site offers a wealth of resources on GBS for medical professionals, expectant parents, and families affected by GBS. We hope you find the information it contains useful, and that you will join the Jesse Cause in fighting GBS. Additionally, we now have branches of the Jesse Cause on the East Coast and West Coast to better serve you.

Our GBS Awareness page is loaded with resources you can use to help promote GBS awareness in your local community. Additionally, our Support page has information on how you can help the Jesse Cause in our efforts to increase GBS awareness nationally and internationally.

News and Events

Announcing the formation of Group B Strep International! Their mission is to promote international awareness and prevention of Group B Strep disease in babies before birth through early infancy.

Both the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the SOGC (Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada) have updated their guidelines to recommend universal prenatal screening for GBS.

A rapid, accurate test kit for GBS in pregnant women: Cepheid's IDI-Strep B™ Assay for GBS.

Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis are partnering with the Jesse Cause in the "Save Our Babies Project" to bring awareness of Group B strep to every city and state, starting with California, Nevada, and Hawaii! Read more here.

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