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Cameron's Story   — Vicktorea Day, TX, USA

My water broke at 27 weeks with my oldest son Cameron. I made it 8 weeks with my water broken, but that in itself was a monumental occurrence: Stopped my labor 18 times (through IV fluids and medicines when that quit working), a two week hospital stay and six weeks total bed rest at home after that - with a nurse withdrawing blood every other day and monitoring baby every day, and weekly trip to the hospital to have my amniotic fluid measured. After I finally lost all my water at 35 weeks, I would not go into labor and had to be induced. UGH!!!!!! Then two hours after birthing a seemingly healthy beautiful 6lb 5oz boy, his breathing became so labored that it looked like his chest was about to cave in. Immediately off to NICU. Three days later he was diagnosed with GBS pneumonia and I was told he was not likely to live through the next 24 hours. Thank the Lord he did and after 10 days in the NICU he came home. If they had done GBS testing at the onset of my water breaking we could have avoided so much of this experience.

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