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Ntombenhle's Daughter's Story   — Ntombenhle Msomi, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA

My waters broke at 06:30 in the morning. I was 36 weeks. I stayed in the hospital for 10 hours without labour. When I was transfered to Bara, I was already in labour and 5cm dilated. Delivered at 07:40pm. Had to go to the ward without my daughter, but thought it was procedure. When I demanded to know about my daughter, nobody had the right answer for me...until the next day. She passed away on the 7 December 2004 (two days old). Buried her and went back to the hospital for a PROPER explanation about what happened. It was not okay, had to fight a lot after being ignored... I'm on a mission to educate ALL women, health practitioners, and traditional health practitioners about GBS in South Africa. Am in contact with the National Department of Health and praying that my campaign will be a success. MY BEAUTIFUL DAGHTER IS TURNING TWO TODAY.

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